Single in MySpace could still mean “married”

The hot topic of late (well, actually, for a long time) is whether Richard Davis (of Trademark Properties and The Real Estate Pros on TLC) is still married, and one of the pieces of evidence that he’s not is the fact that his MySpace page lists him as “single”.

However… I just helped a friend set up a MySpace page, and the default status comes up as “single”.  So, I thought, maybe Richard just never “flipped the switch” on the Single/Married setting over to Married?

But… his profile also says “Proud Parent”, and that little radio button is on the very same screen as marital status, so we’re back to thinking that the fact his MySpace page says “single” really can’t be an oversight.

Richard:  Just come out and tell us where you and Kim stand, okay?  If you are divorced, our condolences; after 18+ years, that’s gotta be hard.  Hang in there.

Well, we know Richard Davis married

At some point you start to second-guess yourself, you know?  You wonder, “Gee, maybe Richard was joking in that article when he said he was married to a doctor.”  He’s got three sons, for sure, so chances are he really was/is/whatever married at some point, at least… but maybe he made up the doctor thing?

No, he wasn’t joking.  According to his bio, he was born in Washington, D.C.  A quick search of Charleson, South Carolina public records (free and available to the public) quickly turns up the following…

File No: 372476 License Number: 1988001103

Groom Information
Birthplace: WASHINGTON,D.C. Race: WHITE Res: 893 QUAIL DRIVE
Town: CHARLESTON County: CHARLESTON State: SC Marriage No: 1

Bride Information
Town: CHARLESTON County: CHARLESTON State: SC Marriage No: 1

Application Date: 4/ 5/1988 Marriage Date: 4/16/1988
Roll: 0000108 Frame: 2329

So, there you have it.   Remember that the article mentioned elsewhere on this site was from March, 2006… so if he got divorced, it was a really recent thing.

I suppose someone could e-mail Richard and say, “Hey, what’s the deal?”… but that seems kinda tacky.  But maybe it’s equally tacky to discuss someone’s possible divorce on a web site?  I don’t know… but I sure know it’s a popular topic, and you’ve got to admit that it puts a different spin on his relationship with Ginger.  (After all, if Richard Davis is divorced, you can’t accuse him of having an “affair”, can you?)

Richard (and Kim), we know you’re out there reading these kinds of things; feel free to comment.  We’d love to have the real story.

Richard Davis IS single!

Thanks to the tip from dedicated readers Sarah and “big fan of the show”, we can see that Richard Davis has a MySpace profile and it lists his status as “single”.

Now, of course, that doesn’t mean he necessarily is single. Maybe he has an arrangement with his wife where he pretends to be single as part of his public persona to protect her from rabid fans and encourage speculation that he’s involved with Ginger and thus boost ratings for his show. Could happen. But that takes us out of the Trademark world of “teal helicopter” and into conspiracy theory “black helicopter” thinking, doesn’t it?

Looks like he’s single… and since he was married at one time, then it looks like he’s divorced. There’s your answer.

Is Corie Hipp the next Ginger Alexander?

As we watched the latest episode of the The Real Estate Pros and I drooled over the awesome storefront they set up, my wife (yes, I really am married) noticed Corie Hipp and said, “Who is she?!?”

I had no idea. Didn’t even know her name, until it came up later in the show with a super.

So far, I think Ginger still has the “Trademark Southern Belle” market cornered and will keep her title as Trademark Properties sweetie… but it takes all types. Corie’s a couple years older than Ginger; maybe some folks click with Corie’s personality better? Hard to tell, unless we see more of her in future shows.

The Richard Davis wife mystery

People are looking for information on “Richard Davis wife” or “Richard Davis married”… and, I’ll admit, it’s a bit of a mystery!  (They’ve obviously been watching The Real Estate Pros and wondering about his relationship with Ginger.)  Any comments?

I’m fairly sure that Richard is/was married to Kimberly Smith Davis, based on publicly-available information.

Here’s a link with information and a photo of Dr. Kim Davis.

But, even if they were married, that doesn’t mean they’re still married; Richard’s biography over at TLC only mentions his three sons…

Ginger Alexander’s MySpace page (with photos!)

UPDATE:  The MySpace pages are gone!  See this post for details.

If you didn’t know about this already… and if you’re reading this… then you need to know about:

You’ll need a MySpace account to view the pictures, but there are a handful of candid shots of Ginger with friends.  (Under her photo on the left-hand side, click the “Pics” link.)

Richard Davis: Married to a doctor

Out there in the world of the Internet, you sometimes see people posting, “Richard and Ginger don’t have anything going; he’s married to a doctor.”

Where do they get that?

Maybe from this post at, quoting the Daily Real Estate News, with a source of  Wherever it actually came from, it’s about a year old so I suppose things could have changed, but I highly doubt that.

“Right now, you have people jumping in on frenzy and it will bankrupt a lot of Joes and Susies who have no business doing this,” [Davis] says. “I mean, my wife is a doctor; you don’t see me going out doing heart surgery.”

Interestingly — no conspiracy theory here (yet), just interesting — the post over at The Real Estate Pros discussion forum at TLC where this quote was mentioned had the quote itself removed by the moderator mod_ivy.   Don’t know why; there’s no law against quoting things.  Thoughts?

Why the name change from The Real Deal to The Real Estate Pros?

Looks like there’s some buzz about the name change on Richard Davis’ real estate show (which started out as Flip This House on A&E, then became the new show “The Real Deal”, which is now “The Real Estate Pros” — even though the only thing that changed was the graphic and the announcer voiceover).

My wife and I realized that, nowadays, only one thing really comes to mind when you think “Deal” in a television program title.  Or, maybe “No Deal”.  Bald guy and aluminum suitcases?  Sure.  Southern real estate company?  Not quite.  At least the title “The Real Estate Pros” leaves no doubt as to what the topic is, right?

The Kari Byron Marriage Mystery!

Here’s something very odd.  A couple sites on the internet name Kari Byron’s spouse as Paul Urich.  But on May 25, 2007, Kari’s Wikipedia entry had Paul Urich’s name removed and changed to “None”.  The next day, that same IP address changed the spouse name to “Trevor Shelffoot” (vandalism of the page, I’m sure), then someone removed that 50 minutes later and left it blank.

According to the Internet Movie Database entry, she’s been married to Paul since March 2006, and I certainly hope that’s still the case!

Assuming the photo cutline at Needles + Pens is correct, here’s a photo of Paul and Kari:

 Photo of Paul Urich and Kari Byron