Ginger Alexander… before Real Estate

Folks seem curious about Ginger Alexander and are hunting for photos that might give a hint of her private life.

Well, here’s something that fits the bill (thanks to someone who commented on Ginger’s MySpace page)… but it’s probably not what you had in mind:

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The photo is titled “Megan, Ginger and Jordan 8th”.  I’m guessing that Ginger’s the brunette.  🙂

Kari Byron’s MySpace page!

I can’t believe I missed this one.  For those of you looking for Kari Byron pictures (and there are a lot of you)… not to be outdone by Ginger Alexander, Kari now has a MySpace page ( with tons of candid shots in the “Photos” area.  (Well, “tons” is a relative term… but candid photos of Kari are hard to find, so a dozen is quite a few!)

If you’re not familiar with MySpace layouts… look on the left-hand side, near the top of the page, where there’s a box that has Kari’s photo in it.  Scroll down to the bottom of that box and you’ll see a “Pics” link.  Click it, log into MySpace if you haven’t already — yes, you need an account, but it’s worth it! — and you’ll see a dozen fascinating photos.

Wondering what Kari looked like in 1980?  It’s there!  Ever wondering if you’d see a photo of Kari in a skirt?  It’s there!

A candid Ginger (and Richard?) moment

I’m not sure why the Trademark Properties gang has banned embedding of such a neat video, but that shouldn’t stop you from clicking the link and watching it.

In a nutshell, this is a Richard Davis promotion encouraging folks around the country to create local Trademark Properties affiliates.  An interesting concept!

It’s pure Richard.  But if you want “pure Ginger”, fast-forward to about 3:20 in the video (toward the very, very end) and you’ll get a candid shot of her being very… Ginger-like. 

To view, just click the background of the video (not the play button).  If you do click the play button, you’ll get a message about embedding (unless Team Trademark changes its mind; we can hope!), but click it again and it will open right up for you in a YouTube window.