Why is Deanne NOT Kari?

As the comments roll in, they reflect the same thing I’ve felt as I’ve watched Smash Lab:  for whatever reason, Deanne Bell is not the next Kari Byron, and Smash Lab is not the next Mythbusters.

But… why?

On paper, Smash Lab looks like a slam-dunk.  But in reality, compared to Mythbusters, it seems… well, “dumb”.   Sure, Adam and Jamie (and Grant and Kari and Tory) do silly things, but there seems to be an air of, “Yeah, it’s silly, but it’ll be cool!”  In Smash Lab, silly stuff seems to be done in the name of scientific investigation.

Example:  Last night I caught the “magnetic fire escape” episode, where their two choices were “freefall to a dead stop at the bottom” or “creep your way down slowly”.   (The concept of “use increasingly strong magnets to decelerate a freefall” never appeared.)  So, to “test” this, they used a 30-degree ramp… and freefall-dude ended up crashing off the bottom.  On Mythbusters, I could see Adam doing the same thing… but it would be in the context of, “Hey, this looks like fun!  I want to try it!”  Not “I’m riding a glorified skateboard to gather valid data”.

Anyway, back to the Deanne vs. Kari question.  With all due respect, Deanne (who, I’m sure, is very bright) comes across as a ditz.  Kari doesn’t.  Why?

They’re both cute.  Is it just because Deanne is “girl next door who’ll grow up to be June Cleaver” cute and Kari is “girl next door who’s riding a tractor” cute?  Is it really just the difference in their voices?  Are we guys blinded by Kari’s red hair and can’t see Deanne’s hidden Kari qualities?  The mystery continues…