Is Smash Lab more “scripted”?

I think I might have the answer to why Smash Lab doesn’t seem as “engaging” as MythBusters (though, judging from the comments on the rest of this site, that’s far from certain).

Smash Lab conversations seem more “scripted”.

But, looking at Mythbusters, it’s certainly “scriped” as well.  Maybe it’s that the Smash Lab gang just looks like they’re trying too hard to be spontaneous?

That means we need to find interviews with the Smash Lab “cast”, outside of the show.  Especially Deanne.  Hmmm…

Minnie Driver = Ginger Alexander?

Inspired by Trisha’s comment, I pulled up some photos of Minnie Driver… but I’m just not seeing the Ginger Alexander connection.  Maybe I needed to watch the Ellen show.

Speaking of Ginger… is it me, or has some of the Richard Davis magic worn off?  Maybe my schedule just changed and I’m not watching as much TV or something… but there doesn’t seem to be as much “Real Estate Pros” buzz out there anymore?