Whiteboard Jenny didn’t quit!

It’s old news now that “Jenny” who took a dry-erase marker to a white board and quit working for her boss “Spencer” was a hoax by the people at The Chive.

But who really is Elyse Porterfield?

ABC News has a nice story about her:

  • 22 years old
  • Colorado native
  • Move to L.A. in June 2010
  • A “featured extra” in the movie Project X (on the set July 16th according to her Twitter account)

It’s pretty common knowledge that she was named an Angelina Jolie lookalike by People Magazine last January.

She also has a Facebook page and a Twitter account

And alas, guys, I’m guessing she has a boyfriend — or at least seems pretty cozy with Matt Anderson (who, as of this writing, has a photo of himself with her as his Facebook profile photo)

Maybe he’s just a cousin or neighbor something… but assuming the Matt Anderson she went on vacation with is the same Matt on Twitter who she calls “my baby” I’m thinking the rest of you guys are going to need to cool your jets…

Does that help?

Was Ginger Alexander ever pregnant?

Was Ginger pregnant?  I know it’s a a stupid question becuase the answer should be really simple… but for the life of me (well, “for the life ‘few minutes of Googling’ of me”) I couldn’t figure out if that was just a rumor of if there’s a little Richard C. Davis running around somewhere?

Sorry that I don’t have better Trademark information here; you gotta admit, the buzz kinda died off.

Comment and let me know if Ginger’s pregnancy was real or just a few people looking at the wrong photos at the wrong angle…