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Elyse Porterfield, Whiteboard Jenny, and Internet History

I came across a blast-from-the-past from a half-decade ago: my posts on Elyse Porterfield, who was the actress behind the “Whiteboard Jenny” hoax.

Her Old website is dead and gone (never having gotten off the ground in the first place) but she’s alive and well on Twitter and Instagram.

If you’re in Colorado, you can even buy a house from her; her real estate bio is proud to note that she’s recognizable from the “Dry Erase Board hoax”

Is Ginger Alexander Davis pregnant again?

My wife saw this photo and said, “She’s pregnant!” I don’t know — I’m a guy and I’m not good with these things. But when she looked at the Christmas tree lighting photo they posted on their Twitter page that’s the first thing she said. And she’s not one to criticize a woman’s figure.

What do you think? Is Ginger still carrying a little bit of extra weight (which, if you ask me, is just fine — she’s still extremely attractive and I’m sure she’s as charming as ever and women are way too hung up on their bodies anyway) or do you think that we’ll hearing about a new Ginger Alexander and Richard Davis baby in 2013?

Kari Byron and a cannon picture!

Here’s quite a Mythbusters story making the rounds about their accidentally blasting a cannonball out of their usual shooting range and into the neighboring residential area… and the most interesting find was from a blogger (at who saved a pre-accident photo of Kari Byron posing with a cannon:

Kari Byron posing with a cannon before a cannonball accident

(Click the picture for a larger image)

Why is this a big deal right now? Well, here are links to some of the popular stories about what happened after this photograph was taken:

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What happened to Mareena Silva?

It’s been just about 9 months since we learned of Mareena Silva, the woman in Colorado who went to Safeway to pick up an antibiotic prescription and was instead given methotrexate, which is an anti-cancer drug that works by hindering the development of fast-growing cells.

Unfortunately for her, “fast-growing cells” is a great description of a fetus.  So, last we heard, she was waiting to see how damaged her very-much-wanted baby would be.  At worst, the drug can trigger a miscarriage (and has even been used for abortions).

A Google search hasn’t turned up anything yet.  Does anybody know if her baby was born healthy?  Any updates on the story or the inevitable lawsuit and/or settlement?

When He Was A Peanut
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Elyse Porterfield got married?

Elyse Porterfield Sings Along!
Image by chinese pirate productions via Flickr

Wow, this is one of those “time flies” kinds of things.  Anyone remember “Whiteboard Jenny” — the “15 minutes of fame” girl who supposedly quit her job by writing a series of notes to her boss on a hand-held dry-erase board?  That was actress Elyse Porterfield, who’s now Elyse Anderson after having gotten married last March.  Belated congratulations, Elyse!

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Where are Richard Davis and Ginger Alexander?

Okay, I’ll admit that I’ve dropped off the scene for awhile as well… but I didn’t have a national real estate television show with thousands and thousands of fans.  So, what have Richard C. Davis and Ginger Alexander (and the rest of Team Trademark) been doing lately?

Their online radio show (with live video) has been gone for more than a year (formerly at

The Richard Davis twitter feed is updated every few days with a sports link or a real estate link, but not much more than that.

The Trademark Properties twitter feed hasn’t been touched in months.

The merchandise sold through must not exist anymore because that domain has lapsed into a search site (but it had some fun Trademark Properties t-shirts and hats in 2008…)

The Trademark Properties YouTube site hasn’t been updated since 2007 and the last login was a year ago.

Wow!  That’s about as close to “dropped off the face of the earth” as you’re going to get.  What happened?

Whiteboard Jenny didn’t quit!

It’s old news now that “Jenny” who took a dry-erase marker to a white board and quit working for her boss “Spencer” was a hoax by the people at The Chive.

But who really is Elyse Porterfield?

ABC News has a nice story about her:

  • 22 years old
  • Colorado native
  • Move to L.A. in June 2010
  • A “featured extra” in the movie Project X (on the set July 16th according to her Twitter account)

It’s pretty common knowledge that she was named an Angelina Jolie lookalike by People Magazine last January.

She also has a Facebook page and a Twitter account

And alas, guys, I’m guessing she has a boyfriend — or at least seems pretty cozy with Matt Anderson (who, as of this writing, has a photo of himself with her as his Facebook profile photo)

Maybe he’s just a cousin or neighbor something… but assuming the Matt Anderson she went on vacation with is the same Matt on Twitter who she calls “my baby” I’m thinking the rest of you guys are going to need to cool your jets…

Does that help?