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The Colorado woman who was accidentally given the abortion drug in February 2011 when she was supposed to receive an antibiotic instead

What happened to Mareena Silva?

It’s been just about 9 months since we learned of Mareena Silva, the woman in Colorado who went to Safeway to pick up an antibiotic prescription and was instead given methotrexate, which is an anti-cancer drug that works by hindering the development of fast-growing cells.

Unfortunately for her, “fast-growing cells” is a great description of a fetus.  So, last we heard, she was waiting to see how damaged her very-much-wanted baby would be.  At worst, the drug can trigger a miscarriage (and has even been used for abortions).

A Google search hasn’t turned up anything yet.  Does anybody know if her baby was born healthy?  Any updates on the story or the inevitable lawsuit and/or settlement?

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