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Richard Davis from Trademark Realty

Where are Richard Davis and Ginger Alexander?

Okay, I’ll admit that I’ve dropped off the scene for awhile as well… but I didn’t have a national real estate television show with thousands and thousands of fans.  So, what have Richard C. Davis and Ginger Alexander (and the rest of Team Trademark) been doing lately?

Their online radio show (with live video) has been gone for more than a year (formerly at

The Richard Davis twitter feed is updated every few days with a sports link or a real estate link, but not much more than that.

The Trademark Properties twitter feed hasn’t been touched in months.

The merchandise sold through must not exist anymore because that domain has lapsed into a search site (but it had some fun Trademark Properties t-shirts and hats in 2008…)

The Trademark Properties YouTube site hasn’t been updated since 2007 and the last login was a year ago.

Wow!  That’s about as close to “dropped off the face of the earth” as you’re going to get.  What happened?

Was Ginger Alexander ever pregnant?

Was Ginger pregnant?  I know it’s a a stupid question becuase the answer should be really simple… but for the life of me (well, “for the life ‘few minutes of Googling’ of me”) I couldn’t figure out if that was just a rumor of if there’s a little Richard C. Davis running around somewhere?

Sorry that I don’t have better Trademark information here; you gotta admit, the buzz kinda died off.

Comment and let me know if Ginger’s pregnancy was real or just a few people looking at the wrong photos at the wrong angle…

Richard Davis and Ginger Alexander ARE MARRIED!

WOW!  We now know that Richard C. Davis and Ginger Alexander got married on April 10, 2009!  Thanks to alert reader and commenter “spbound”!  Here’s the proof, straight from the Charleston County web site:

File No: 009937

License Number: 2009000937

Groom Information

Town: CHARLESTON County: CHARLESTON State: SC Marriage No: 2

Bride Information

Town: CHARLESTON County: CHARLESTON State: SC Marriage No: 1

Application Date: 4/ 9/2009

Marriage Date: 4/10/2009

Yikes.  Wow.  Call me… well, call me whatever, but I never saw that coming!  Wow.

The Real Estate Pros (and Ginger Alexander) aren’t off the air!

There’s hope for those of us who’ve been missing Richard, Ginger and Team Trademark!  According to a real estate web site in Charleston, The Real Estate Pros is coming back next month:

Richard C. Davis, who heads Team Trademark, intends to document the lodge’s rehabilitation as part of the real estate company’s reality series, due to air on TLC in April. The show had an 18 month hiatus.

Official news: Richard Davis is divorced

Thanks to reader “RORY”, we have the official word (though I’ve yet to find it myself on the Charleston County site, but it looks official and the news is no surprise) that Richard C. Davis and Kim Davis are divorced:

Charleston County Court Records

Year: 2007 Type: DR Location: 10 Number: 004494

Plaintiff: DAVIS, RICHARD C. Defendant: DAVIS, KIMBERLY S.

Filing Date: 11/29/2007 Disposition Date: 12/21/2007
Judge Code: JACK A LANDIS Disposition Type: 6

Event Desc: FINAL HEARING MIE File Number: n/a
Event Date: 12/21/2007 Date to MIE: n/a
Event Time: 0900 Date from MIE: n/a

Why are Ginger and Richard’s MySpace pages gone?!?

They used to be there!  Really!  In fact, another site has a screen-shot of Ginger Alexander’s old MySpace page, but it’s gone now, and so is the one for Richard C. Davis.  What’s up with that?  Are there any more Trademark Properties MySpace pages out there, or did the whole group disappear from the MySpace world?

If you have an answer (or an idea), comment here and share it.

A candid Ginger (and Richard?) moment

I’m not sure why the Trademark Properties gang has banned embedding of such a neat video, but that shouldn’t stop you from clicking the link and watching it.

In a nutshell, this is a Richard Davis promotion encouraging folks around the country to create local Trademark Properties affiliates.  An interesting concept!

It’s pure Richard.  But if you want “pure Ginger”, fast-forward to about 3:20 in the video (toward the very, very end) and you’ll get a candid shot of her being very… Ginger-like. 

To view, just click the background of the video (not the play button).  If you do click the play button, you’ll get a message about embedding (unless Team Trademark changes its mind; we can hope!), but click it again and it will open right up for you in a YouTube window.

Single in MySpace could still mean “married”

The hot topic of late (well, actually, for a long time) is whether Richard Davis (of Trademark Properties and The Real Estate Pros on TLC) is still married, and one of the pieces of evidence that he’s not is the fact that his MySpace page lists him as “single”.

However… I just helped a friend set up a MySpace page, and the default status comes up as “single”.  So, I thought, maybe Richard just never “flipped the switch” on the Single/Married setting over to Married?

But… his profile also says “Proud Parent”, and that little radio button is on the very same screen as marital status, so we’re back to thinking that the fact his MySpace page says “single” really can’t be an oversight.

Richard:  Just come out and tell us where you and Kim stand, okay?  If you are divorced, our condolences; after 18+ years, that’s gotta be hard.  Hang in there.

Well, we know Richard Davis married

At some point you start to second-guess yourself, you know?  You wonder, “Gee, maybe Richard was joking in that article when he said he was married to a doctor.”  He’s got three sons, for sure, so chances are he really was/is/whatever married at some point, at least… but maybe he made up the doctor thing?

No, he wasn’t joking.  According to his bio, he was born in Washington, D.C.  A quick search of Charleson, South Carolina public records (free and available to the public) quickly turns up the following…

File No: 372476 License Number: 1988001103

Groom Information
Birthplace: WASHINGTON,D.C. Race: WHITE Res: 893 QUAIL DRIVE
Town: CHARLESTON County: CHARLESTON State: SC Marriage No: 1

Bride Information
Town: CHARLESTON County: CHARLESTON State: SC Marriage No: 1

Application Date: 4/ 5/1988 Marriage Date: 4/16/1988
Roll: 0000108 Frame: 2329

So, there you have it.   Remember that the article mentioned elsewhere on this site was from March, 2006… so if he got divorced, it was a really recent thing.

I suppose someone could e-mail Richard and say, “Hey, what’s the deal?”… but that seems kinda tacky.  But maybe it’s equally tacky to discuss someone’s possible divorce on a web site?  I don’t know… but I sure know it’s a popular topic, and you’ve got to admit that it puts a different spin on his relationship with Ginger.  (After all, if Richard Davis is divorced, you can’t accuse him of having an “affair”, can you?)

Richard (and Kim), we know you’re out there reading these kinds of things; feel free to comment.  We’d love to have the real story.

Richard Davis IS single!

Thanks to the tip from dedicated readers Sarah and “big fan of the show”, we can see that Richard Davis has a MySpace profile and it lists his status as “single”.

Now, of course, that doesn’t mean he necessarily is single. Maybe he has an arrangement with his wife where he pretends to be single as part of his public persona to protect her from rabid fans and encourage speculation that he’s involved with Ginger and thus boost ratings for his show. Could happen. But that takes us out of the Trademark world of “teal helicopter” and into conspiracy theory “black helicopter” thinking, doesn’t it?

Looks like he’s single… and since he was married at one time, then it looks like he’s divorced. There’s your answer.