Was Ginger Alexander ever pregnant?

Was Ginger pregnant?  I know it’s a a stupid question becuase the answer should be really simple… but for the life of me (well, “for the life ‘few minutes of Googling’ of me”) I couldn’t figure out if that was just a rumor of if there’s a little Richard C. Davis running around somewhere?

Sorry that I don’t have better Trademark information here; you gotta admit, the buzz kinda died off.

Comment and let me know if Ginger’s pregnancy was real or just a few people looking at the wrong photos at the wrong angle…

Richard Davis and Ginger Alexander ARE MARRIED!

WOW!  We now know that Richard C. Davis and Ginger Alexander got married on April 10, 2009!  Thanks to alert reader and commenter “spbound”!  Here’s the proof, straight from the Charleston County web site:

File No: 009937

License Number: 2009000937

Groom Information

Town: CHARLESTON County: CHARLESTON State: SC Marriage No: 2

Bride Information

Town: CHARLESTON County: CHARLESTON State: SC Marriage No: 1

Application Date: 4/ 9/2009

Marriage Date: 4/10/2009

Yikes.  Wow.  Call me… well, call me whatever, but I never saw that coming!  Wow.

The Real Estate Pros (and Ginger Alexander) aren’t off the air!

There’s hope for those of us who’ve been missing Richard, Ginger and Team Trademark!  According to a real estate web site in Charleston, The Real Estate Pros is coming back next month:

Richard C. Davis, who heads Team Trademark, intends to document the lodge’s rehabilitation as part of the real estate company’s reality series, due to air on TLC in April. The show had an 18 month hiatus.

Michelle Obama is NOT pregnant, but…

Why are people interested in whether Michelle Obama is pregnant or not?  Maybe it’s just standard gossip… but I think there’s something more going on.   Michelle is almost exactly the same age as Sarah Palin.  If Michelle Obama found herself pregnant and test results showed that her baby would have Down syndrome… would she carry him to term, or would she choose to abort him?  Given her husband’s position(s) on the issue, how likely is it that she would make a very different choice than Sarah Palin did?  And would she share that choice publicly, or keep it hidden instead?

Where is the real Willow Palin information?

It seems sad that the only writings about Willow Palin (Sarah Palin’s 14-year-old daughter) are references to the fake blog that was named mylifeaswillowpalin (and which, fortunately, is now gone).  Parody is a fine thing, but when people mistake it for something real, people get hurt and it’s sad to throw a 14-year-old girl into that mix.

We get a hint of Willow’s personality from the People magazine article that describes her reaction when Trig was born:

…Willow said of the new arrival, “He looks like he has Down syndrome.”

Palin, who says her own qualms were laid to rest “the minute [Trig] was born,” felt a lump in her throat. “If he does, you know you will still love him, Willow. It’ll be okay.”

Willow pressed: “But why didn’t you tell us?”

That’s a good question, Willow.  As a dad (of two daughters) I struggle to balance “sharing” with “protection” — would it have been better for Sarah to be more open with what she knew, or was it best for her to not “worry her family”?  I don’t know.  But it’s a question worth asking.

Anyway… this kind of conversation isn’t happening out there in the Internet.  Other that the occassional magazine article and some comments about stuff that Willow didn’t even write, there’s precious little being written about this family that’s been in the news so much lately.  What do you think?  Comment below!

Kat Bockli: Modest WebCam Girl

The latest internet personality is Kat Bockli — maybe a flash-in-the-pan, but great while she’s here! She’s the thing that makes watching news feeds at www.LiveNewsCameras.com interesting; as there are snippets of news stories and live unedited footage streaming in from across the country, Kat will let you know what you should pay attention to.

I’ve never been into this “webcam girl thing” (where guys pay to watch girls sit in front of them and… knit? read? I don’t know…) but I can see how it could be intriguing to just sit and spy on someone. There’s a certain charm to watching Kat sit at her desk and turn to you every-so-often with, “Hey, check out this video!”

In the past couple of minutes, Kat has disappeared twice — once to take a phone call. So, if you just see a “Email Us” video clip on the right-hand side of the page when you go to the site… that’s where Kat lives.

Is Smash Lab more “scripted”?

I think I might have the answer to why Smash Lab doesn’t seem as “engaging” as MythBusters (though, judging from the comments on the rest of this site, that’s far from certain).

Smash Lab conversations seem more “scripted”.

But, looking at Mythbusters, it’s certainly “scriped” as well.  Maybe it’s that the Smash Lab gang just looks like they’re trying too hard to be spontaneous?

That means we need to find interviews with the Smash Lab “cast”, outside of the show.  Especially Deanne.  Hmmm…