Richard Davis and Ginger Alexander ARE MARRIED!

WOW!  We now know that Richard C. Davis and Ginger Alexander got married on April 10, 2009!  Thanks to alert reader and commenter “spbound”!  Here’s the proof, straight from the Charleston County web site:

File No: 009937

License Number: 2009000937

Groom Information

Town: CHARLESTON County: CHARLESTON State: SC Marriage No: 2

Bride Information

Town: CHARLESTON County: CHARLESTON State: SC Marriage No: 1

Application Date: 4/ 9/2009

Marriage Date: 4/10/2009

Yikes.  Wow.  Call me… well, call me whatever, but I never saw that coming!  Wow.

24 thoughts on “Richard Davis and Ginger Alexander ARE MARRIED!”

  1. Wow! I did not see that coming but now it all makes sense. I kind of thought that someday there might be something between those two but never figured marriage. Way to go for them however. I love seeing Ginger Alexander Pictures and would love to see the wedding pictures.

  2. Richard you FOOL! Why buy the cow when you’re getting the milk for free! Hope you had a pre-nup! Ginger is getting porky, what gives!

  3. You have no idea why Richard marriage ended and if it was not a happy home the children are probably better off. From all account they seem to be content and well adjusted. As for Ginger she is a lovely young woman and if they are married I wish them the best.

  4. No fool like an old fool, eh Richard? Why do men start a 2nd family before they finish raising their 1st, because they can? I hope Kim took & cleaned the meat from his bones; he should feel her boot on his neck every month when the money leaves his (& Ginger’s) bank account.

  5. What a turd Richard is. I’ve lost all respect for him. College nerd couldn’t get the woman of his dreams back then, makes some money…dumps his wife, marries a girl who’s young enough to be his daughter. It’s a familiar theme these days all across the US. Really tacky.

  6. It was so obvious that they were sleeping together on the show.
    Richard’s right hand was the lady who was pregnant. All of a sudden
    when he started sleeping with Ginger, she became his #2. She was
    an assistant at the beginning of the show on A&E and then all of
    a sudden, she’s making acquisitions. Wow! It helps to sleep your way
    to the top. Way to go Ginger! Way to break up a marriage and family.
    I don’t care what anyone says about what if it was an unhappy marriage.
    Wait until the marriage is OVER b4 you start sleeping with someone else.
    Richard is a loser. Someone said earlier that there’s no fool like an old
    fool. Truer words have never been spoken.

  7. Wow what a bunch of vicious commentors. I suppose all of you know this couple personally so you know all the facts surrounding them as a couple. They aren’t as disgusting as the 12 of you.

  8. I can’t believe it! I remember watching the show and thinking that Ginger had a great rack. She’d often times wear the tight tops that showed off her well endowed bosom, and then I’d think, “How does Richard keep his hands off of her?” Well, I guess he didn’t! Best to them…she is one hot lady!!

  9. Something doesn’t seem right with those 2. you never see them out socially with the baby at all – like they are trying to hide her. did Richard marry her because he loved her or did he feel an oblication to do the right think and give the baby a real daddy – should have stayed single Richard

  10. Congratulations Richard and Ginger. I have loved yall from the very first show. Always thought yall made a great couple. Am so happy for you.

  11. I know for a fact Richard and Ginger started the relationship before he ever entertained a divorce. She was after the money and she got it. Richard is a trophy sort of guy. A see me type if you will and Ginger is another one of his trophies.

  12. To anyone who says or thinks Ginger is a homewrecker, they are both homewreckers. For those of you who don’t understand I’ll spell it out for you. Ginger didn’t get pregnant by herself, Richard knew he was married & should becfaithful & knew he should be faithful until he was legally divorced, & Ginger knew he was married & he should be faithful until he was legally divorced. Wheter or not this was the only reason for the divorce I have lost all respect for both of them. They are both despicable. I’m sorry for the baby. Ginger needs to beware he cheated to be with you & he’ll cheat on you to be with the next one…..

  13. Came across this article by accident. Loved the show and the people. Many small minded negative comments. Only a couple nice comments. Now listen. I like it when people are successful. And I mean anyone. I’m successful. My point is when your successful you make some decisions that make others respond negatively due to as mentioned earlier small mindedness or put simply jealousy. Successful minded people always look forward to improving their life, at whatever “cost”.

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